FDA Issues Final Guidance for Seeds Used for Sprouting

May 16, 2022 FDA

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a final guidance titled “Reducing Microbial Food Safety Hazards in the Production of Seed for Sprouting: Guidance for Industry.” This guidance outlines FDA’s serious concerns over foodborne illness outbreaks associated with the consumption of raw and lightly-cooked sprouts and provides firms with recommended steps to prevent adulteration throughout the production chain of seed for sprouting.

BRCGS Storage & Distribution Issue 4 Summarized

Purchasing a product manufactured by a well-known brand in a recognized store is no longer the only decision-making factor. Consumers are also interested in knowing what happened to the food after it left the manufacturing company: was it transported at the right temperature? Was it stored in a pest-free environment? Did the distributor open the packages or manipulate the food before it arrived at the store?

Squadle Sense Remote Temperature Monitoring System Streamlines Food Safety Compliance

April 28, 2022 Squadle

Squadle, a workflow automation company that enables multi-unit operators to simplify complex operations and streamline food safety, announced the Squadle Sense™ Remote Temperature Monitoring (RTM), a hands-free tracking system to monitor freezer and refrigerator interiors. Using wireless temperature sensors, Squadle Sense RTM effortlessly keeps stores in compliance and frees up time previously spent maintaining food safety so that staff has more time for the things that increase the bottom line.

Fresh Express Adds Key Managers to Corporate Food Safety & Quality Team

March 29, 2022 Fresh Express

Fresh Express Incorporated announced the addition of two key managers to its Corporate Food Safety & Quality Team. According to John Gurrisi, Vice President, Food Safety & Quality, the new additions underscore the company’s continuing commitment to food safety excellence and to ensuring the highest levels of product integrity. 

Food Safety Culture – Your Questions Answered -AIB International

March 11, 2022 AIB International

The first webinar in the Food Safety Culture for Beginners Webinar Series with Vikas Menon covered how to prepare your team and develop the basic elements of your food safety culture program. Many questions were raised by the audience, from how food safety culture and employee moral are interconnected to how much time it will take to improve the food safety culture of the organization.