Revol Greens Engages Frank Yiannas, Food Safety Expert to Advise on Food Safety Practices

AUSTIN, TX – Revol Greens, a prominent leader in sustainable greenhouse grown leafy greens production, is excited to announce the appointment of Frank Yiannas as an advisor for food safety. Frank Yiannas, former Deputy Commissioner for Food Policy and Response at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and a distinguished figure in the field of food safety, will serve as a food safety consultant for the company.

Frank Yiannas, renowned for his pivotal role in designing and implementing groundbreaking initiatives such as the FDA’s Fresh Leafy Greens Action Plan, Final Food Traceability Rule, Proposed Agricultural Water Standard, and the New Era of Smarter Food Safety, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Revol Greens. With career spanning leadership roles at Walmart and the Walt Disney Company, he is also the author of acclaimed works, “Food Safety Culture” and “Food Safety = Behavior.”

In addition to Yiannas reviewing Revol Green’s food safety processes, he will also advise Revol Greens on how to best design food safety into existing and future production facilities, engage in smart, fit-for-purpose agriculture policy, and establish a high standard of care for the Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) industry to follow. 

“I’m delighted to be working with and lending my experience to the Revol Greens team who has an unwavering commitment to food safety and consumer trust,” Mr. Yiannas expressed. “Today’s food system faces many headwinds, ranging from supply chain bottlenecks, labor shortages, climate change, available water, as well as continued food safety pressures. Success in this changing environment requires continued innovation in how we grow and produce safe and abundant food for this generation and the next.”

Revol Greens, known for its dedication to sustainable practices, is committed to advancing its food safety measures to ensure a consistent and reliable source of safe leafy greens for its customers and consumers. This collaboration with Frank Yiannas represents a significant step forward in achieving this goal.

Dinesh Babu, Ph.D., Revol Greens Vice President of Food Safety & Compliance, stated, “Revol Greens is committed to providing consumers with high quality and safe products, so we are always looking for ways to elevate our processes. We are thrilled to have Frank, with his deep food safety expertise, engage with our dedicated greenhouse teams and support our efforts to progress policy and industry understanding.”

The salad and lettuce category has faced significant disruptions in recent years due to climate events and food safety concerns. Revol Greens is dedicated to strengthening its assurance of supply by building upon best practices for handling of leafy greens in a processing environment, combined with some of the advantages that are inherent to growing in a controlled environment.  This strategic move underscores Revol Greens’ commitment to delivering safe, sustainable, and high-quality products to meet the evolving needs of consumers.

About Revol Greens

Revol Greens is the largest greenhouse lettuce grower in North America and a benefit corporation. The Austin-based company harvests and delivers its packaged lettuce and leafy greens products daily, resulting in the freshest taste and peak nutrition with a shelf life of four to six days longer than out-of-state leafy greens. Revol Greens adopts the most advanced greenhouse technology and growing methods in the industry, including facilities that use 90 percent less water than traditional field-grown greens, irrigation from UV-sterilized rainwater and snowmelt, and sustainable sunlight. Grown Clean and Green® in an animal and pest-free environment with no pesticide residues, no herbicides or other harmful chemicals used in the process. Revol Greens currently grows more than 30 million pounds of non-GMO lettuce and leafy greens annually with a coast-to-coast footprint. For more information, visit and follow Revol Greens on social media @revolgreens.

About Frank Yiannas

Frank Yiannas is a renowned food safety leader, executive, food system futurist, author, and professor. With a distinguished career that includes leadership roles at Walmart and the Walt Disney Company, he is also the former Deputy Commissioner for Food Policy and Response at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the author of influential books on food safety culture and behavior.