Vegan Pizza Just Got a Lot More Delicious with New York-Based Pleese Cheese

NEW YORK, NY – Pleese Foods, the creator of New York City B2B vegan vanguard Pleese Cheese, is changing the city’s dairy-free pizza game with its proprietary blend of plant-based cheese. Founded by longtime New Yorkers and vegans Kobi and Abev Regev in 2017, Pleese was created to withstand the scrutiny of the pickiest eaters of them all: New Yorkers and kids. 

“When we changed our diet for health reasons in 2014, the biggest pain point we had was life without decent pizza,” said Pleese Foods’ co-founder and CEO Kobi Regev. “The tastier dairy-free options on the market were either made from nuts or soy, making them disagreeable to many major allergy groups, while other more allergy-friendly versions seemed like they’d never receive the seal of approval from New Yorkers.”

Using bean and potato proteins along with all natural fats, Kobi and his wife Abev set out to create an authentic-tasting plant-based cheese that was not only safe for consumption by most pizza eaters, but so delicious that no one could tell it wasn’t dairy. Crafted using traditional methods and made in an allergen-free environment without gluten, Pleese Cheese is developed to ensure that children as well as adults can enjoy its products without any concerns.

“As a teacher, I’ve witnessed firsthand the number of my students who have issues with digesting dairy and soy,” said co-founder Abev Regev. “It was important to me that our cheese was school-safe while being so good that kids preferred it to dairy cheese.”

An exclusively B2B endeavor, Pleese is available in New York City restaurants and slice shops from Chelsea to Brooklyn including Vito’s Slice and Ices, Tavola, Tavolino, Rocco’s Pizza, Stella’s Pizza, Cuts and Slices in Brooklyn as well as Checker’s Pizza in Connecticut—the company’s first official expansion outside of the city. 

Pleese plans to expand nationally in cities including Atlanta, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, San Diego, and more. As a 100 percent plant-based company, Pleese Foods is committed to creating a sustainable future. For every case of Pleese sold, a tree is planted by the National Forest Foundation. 

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Created by longtime New Yorkers Kobi and Abev Regev, Pleese Foods was launched as an answer to the lack of allergy-friendly, pizza-approved plant-based cheeses on the market. The company’s flagship product, Pleese Cheese, is made from a proprietary blend of bean proteins and potato starches mixed with all natural fats.  

A delicious alternative to dairy cheese, Pleese is not only more sustainable, but it actually melts on pizza the way you’d expect. Kids aren’t the only ones who prefer the creamy texture of Pleese to traditional options. Pleese Cheese has the stamp of approval from some of the most cynical New Yorkers and lactose intolerant folks, alike. The brand can be found at restaurants and slice shops across New York City. The company plans to expand into other cities over the course of the next year. For more information, visit