Dawn Foods Shares Tips for Bakers Navigating the Coronavirus Environment

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is having a massive economic impact on everyone, including businesses often at the center of local communities: bakeries. To ensure bakeries across the country have the information needed to continue delivering baked goods to its customers, Dawn Foods has created a list of resources for bakers, including using technology to reach customers during social distancing, creating at-home bake kits and ways to give back to the local community.

Social Media Thrives in the Age of Social Distancing

A low-cost, high-impact plan for your business is to aggressively leverage social media. Now is not the time to retreat. Use your platforms for more than updating customers on changed hours or business plans. You can inspire, engage, and give people a much-needed break from the steady stream of serious news. Post product pics, ideas for baking at home, or how your business is supporting local efforts such as donating to food banks or shelters. Consider doing a daily or weekly ‘How to Cake Decorate’ video or videos on other helpful topics to keep customers engaged. The key is to be creative and post more than ever to keep your business top of mind.

Meet Customers Where They Are
If feasible, consider offering delivery service within a certain radius of your business. By bringing baked goods to your customers (and leaving them at the door), you can help drive more sales. People now have to stay home – help them support their local bakery at the same time.

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