AIB International Tip of the Week: During COVID-19, Is My Supply Chain Susceptible to Food Fraud?

During our Monday, April 20 “Food Safety and COVID-19: What Businesses Need to Know” webinar, we discussed food fraud. Alicia Swanson, Food Safety Professional, reviewed a key question to ask of your supply chain to determine whether you’re at risk. Download our complimentary Food Fraud Risk Assessment to determine your risk.

How Do I Assess Whether My Supply Chain is at Risk of Food Fraud?

Right now, COVID-19 may be compounding economic factors and supply chain disruptions to make food fraud more attractive.

Products and ingredients like alcoholic beverages, oils and fats, honey, maple syrup, coffee and many others are historically known to be at an increased risk for fraud. As an example, the gap between production and consumption of olive oil (specifically extra virgin olive oil) and honey have been studied. While the global industry is only currently producing a certain amount of these items, the world consumes more of these items than what is produced. Thus, they are being fraudulently diluted, substituted, concealed, mislabeled or otherwise.

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