Edible Gifts From 1-800-Bakery Are A Sure-Fire Way To Retain Your Best Customers

Boston, Ma – In today's economy, customer retention is more important than ever. It's critical to thank your loyal customers to keep them coming back. A unique and creative way to show customers that you truly appreciate their business is with an edible gift from 1-800-Bakery.com.

Many business owners express their gratitude with mugs, calendars, pens or other trinkets, which are nice but generic. If you want your business to stand out and make a lasting impression, give your customers something they'll never forget, like a logo cookie or logo cake from 1-800-Bakery.

Corporate gifts are not only great for customer retention, but they're delicious too. A logo cake from 1-800-Bakery is a moist chocolate cake decorated in a creamy, white buttercream frosting with your company logo or message on top. Their one-of-a-kind logo cookies are a buttery shortbread with a light texture that just melts in your mouth, and embossed with your company's personalized logo right on the cookie icing. As for baking standards, 1-800-Bakery does not use rice paper like most companies, and all of the images and logos are printed with FDA approved edible food coloring, so everything can be eaten.

Edible gifts are also an effective way to increase business referrals. Steve Schawbel from Cruise Club of America credits corporate gift baskets from 1-800-Bakery for recently doubling his sales.

"When I send your thank you business gift baskets, I'm an instant hero," says Schawbel. "Many of my clients have sent me so many referrals, and you're the reason my business has increased almost 100% in the past year."

According to 1-800-Bakery CEO Stephen Pazyra, edible gifts are a great marketing tool too. "Word of mouth is often more valuable than professional marketing because people trust their networks more than companies. Giving your customers a really unique and edible gift is fantastic way to get them talking about you, and recommending you to friends and family. Plus, gifts like logo cookies or logo cakes say that you're willing to go the extra mile and do something totally different and creative. That extra thought shows how much you really value their business."

Edible gifts are available at the 1-800-Bakery corporate website and can be delivered anywhere in the continental United States. To order logo cookies, logo cakes or even logo chocolates, visit http://corporate-gift.1-800-bakery.com/index.html.

Source: 1-800-Bakery, Inc.