Europastry Launches New Packaging for its Rustica Range of European Breads

Europastry takes pride in its longstanding reputation of o ering only the best quality European breads to the retail and food service industries. Today, we are proud to introduce a new packaging line for its broad range of Italian-style breads, known as the Rustica range.

Rustica bread highlights include its top-quality ingredients, used in traditional-style recipes. Clients and tasters of all kinds find Rustica bread extremely tasty and palatable. Its convenience is outstanding: it’s not even necessary to toast it, just thaw and serve -or toast for an added crunch. This high quality, broad range of breads and rolls will appeal to all channels: food service, retail, grocery, convenience stores, and of course final consumers in each case.

Traditional and Modern

Rustica is a range of high-quality Italian-style breads, which follow a centuries-long tradition of bread making. The authentic Italian recipes and preparation techniques are fully respected, to obtain breads of the utmost quality. This traditional preparation grants Rustica rolls and buns a special honeycombed crumb, and a crispy, thin crust, resulting in a light, tasty bread that is  perfect for filling with ingredients to every heart’s content.

The traditional Italian bread attributes take on a local American twist in its bun format, ideal for classic sausages and burgers, as well as many other delicious options: the round buns are ideal for mini-pizzas, bringing even more Italian (or Italian-American) flavors to the table.

Packaging adapted to every need

Convenience is something the American market strives for, and Rustica brings that factor to our customers’ tables (and shelves) through its broad selection of fully baked breads in handy  packaging and bulk options.

Rustica rolls and buns, in all their flavor variations, come in di         erent packaging formats, all highly desirable, for their own reasons:

Retail-ready, with our own label, in a colorful package with an attractive design that will fill  grocery and supermarket aisles and convenience store shelves with colors galore.

Bagged to be personalized by the client, giving the option to market the bread with the client’s own label and brand. The clear bag showcases the rustic, artisanal quality of

Rustica breads,  with their light flouring on top. This artisanal quality is a key selling point.

-In Bulk, ideal for the food service industry, to thaw as needed, avoiding unwanted food waste.

A full range of flavors and formats

Four flavor options make up the Ciabatta roll o       ering, so our clients and their customers can  take their pick:

-Classic: the pure flavor of Italian tradition

-Onion: the traditional recipe with the addition of onion and poppy seeds, for extra zest -Multigrain: a whole grain option, to make the traditional recipe even healthier -Asiago Cheese: bread with cheese, a match made in heaven

In addition, Rustica buns come in two format options:

-Round bun: for burgers, mini-pizzas, and more

-Sausage bun: to give your hot dogs a classy European twist

Rustica Ciabatta Rolls Rustica Buns

Convenience is key

Rustica breads come to you fully baked, which means they can be served and consumed immediately, without any extra e ort; just thaw and serve, for maximum convenience. Toasting is always an option, to add a bit of extra crispiness and crunch to make an already delicious  bread even more special.

The Rustica range, in its new packaging options, ensures that every establishment, whether from the retail or food service industry, will find the bread to suit its needs, and please its  customers’ palates.