Fit Baking Company Introduces Gluten Free, High Protein, Low Carb Muffins

Who said that treats need to be forbidden fruit? Whoever claimed so is about to be – at the very least – intrigued by the news that Fit Baking Company, a Dallas, TX based purveyor of healthy, high in protein, and low carb baked goods has managed to create the ultimate recipe for well-balanced gluten free muffins.

More specifically, Fit Baking Company muffins are rich in protein, and at the same time have a low carb content, making them the perfect all-day snack, as well as a prime choice for post-workout fuel. Contrary to other “healthy” snacks on the market, Fit Baking Company muffins are tasty and soft, while they are free of questionable ingredients and added sugar, which would otherwise impede, and not help advance one’s fitness goals.

“I had been searching for a truly healthy snack for years now,” said Mr. Troy Patterson, Owner, Fit Baking Company. “What I came to find was that most options were dense, chalky or bland, and thus inedible. What’s more, I was surprised to see that baked goods that were advertised as “healthy” were far from being so, seeing as they contained a staggering amount of sugar, which sometimes even exceeded the daily recommended amount.”

Mr. Patterson went on to talk about creating the Fit Baking Company muffins, saying that “So, I took it upon myself to create muffins that would actually be healthy, filled with protein, and lean in carbs. It took some experimentation, but the final product is something that I am very proud of. I am always excited to receive feedback from customers who have finally found their “holy grail” snack, and I can’t wait for Fit Baking Company muffins to become a household staple!”

At the time of writing, Fit Baking Company muffins are available in three flavors – Banana BreadCarrot Cake, and Dark Chocolate High Protein Muffins.

Mr. Patterson shared that more muffin flavors, as well as a variety of other baked goods, will be added to Fit Baking Company’s product range in the near future. All new additions will be announced in future communications with the press.

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