Vision Food Innovations Announces New Revenue Line

GEORGETOWN, Ontario — Vision Food Innovations (“the Company”) is thrilled to announce it is adding additional revenue streams. The Company’s hero brand Nature’s Flair’s core products, plant-based cupcakes, and muffins are currently available in major retailers across Ontario.

The company is adding a private label of Nature’s Flair’s cupcakes and muffins to a major retailer in Ontario. This major retailer is adding the private label cupcakes, which they previously did not sell, in addition to the private label muffins, which they had been carrying under the Company’s hero brand in all of their locations across Ontario.

By offering a private label of both muffins and cupcakes, the Company is estimating a threefold increase in the volume and revenue of their innovative plant-based products. It also demonstrates the market acceptance of their products and supply chain. The private-label revenue stream clearly shows the market that they can diversify and successfully bring their products to market in multiple ways in a very short time.

Vineet Jain, CEO of Vision Food Innovations said, “we’re very pleased that our customer has committed to increased SKUs and volume through private labeling of our products. I am particularly excited, as they will be selling the cupcakes in a plant-based clamshell, which is very much in alignment with sustainability.”

The Company is currently in its second round of equity crowdfunding on Equivesto and is over 240 percent funded. The Company is offering investment from $500 and shares at 0.24 cents to support their next stage of growth, meeting the demand for their product. To learn more, go to

Vision Food Innovations 
Vision Food Innovations Limited (Vision) is a Canadian commercial plant-based bakery committed to innovation and sustainability while providing the market with plant-based products that are easy, affordable, and nutritious—taking plant based products mainstream. They have seen exponential growth since launching in March 2021 and are already in commercial production and available for purchase in retailers across Ontario.