Government of Canada Invests $4.4M to Increase Access to Canada’s High-Quality Grain Products Globally

OTTAWA, ON – Canada’s grain sector is a major driver of economic growth domestically, with demand for Canadian export grain products on the rise from global markets. Today, the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, the Honourable Marie-Claude Bibeau, announced an investment of up to nearly $4.4 million, over two years, to support three industry organizations in their efforts to grow Canada’s grain exports.

With funds under the federal AgriMarketing Program, the Government of Canada is supporting the sector by helping the following organizations to identify new opportunities for Canadian grain products, including:

Cereals Canada Inc., based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, who will receive up to $3.52 million to reach international new markets by promoting the high-quality aspects of Canadian wheat and durum wheat.

Canada Grains Council, based in Ottawa, Ontario, who will receive up to $461,000 to help increase and diversify Canadian grain exports to international markets and seize domestic market opportunities. The project will focus on reducing the potential impact of technology-related non-tariff trade barriers (NTBs) related to plant breeding innovation for Canadian grain exports.

The Prairie Oat Growers Association, based in Regina, Saskatchewan, who will receive up to $417,000 to help increase demand for Canadian oats by promoting the health and environmental benefits, as well as the diverse uses of oats.

Increasing markets for the grain industry contributes to the overall success of Canada’s agriculture sector by benefiting farmers, feeding livestock and the country’s growing population. As the demand for Canadian grain exports continues to increase, it is important to ensure new trade opportunities that help strengthen the value chain.

Canadian grains are in demand around the world because of their quality, nutrition and value. The Government of Canada is committed to helping the industry continue to seize new market opportunities that contribute to the sector’s competitiveness.