Nepra Foods Inc. Announces Partnership with The Cloud Boys Bakery to Revolutionize Gluten-Free Bread Market

VANCOUVERNepra Foods Inc. (the “Company” or “Nepra”) (CSE:NPRA)(FSE:2P6)(OTCQB:NPRFF), a market leader in delicious allergen-free and plant-based food ingredients and consumer products is excited to announce its partnership with The Cloud Boys Bakery for the development and launch of a portfolio of groundbreaking gluten-free bread products under the brand name Bright Sky Bake House (

The partnership between Nepra Foods Inc. and The Cloud Boys Bakery brings together two industry innovators, leveraging their respective expertise to introduce an industry-changing gluten-free portfolio consisting of dinner rolls, hamburger & hot dog buns, and sandwich bread that will revolutionize the market. The contract has Nepra Foods providing The Cloud Boys Bakery exclusive rights to Nepra’s proprietary formulations. The Cloud Boys Bakery will purchase from Nepra a complete flour blend of the formula that utilizes Nepra’s specialty allergen-free ingredients. The Cloud Boys Bakery will produce and distribute the products in their state-of-the-art bakery in Carrollton Texas. Nepra Foods will provide The Cloud Boys Bakery with ongoing technical support and future R&D for new formulations moving forward. The partnership creates a high-quality and unrivaled gluten-free bread line-up with exceptional taste, texture, and extended ambient shelf life.

One of the key highlights of this new gluten-free bread is its remarkable 20-day ambient shelf life, surpassing the standard shelf life of most gluten-free bread products currently available on the market today. This breakthrough feature addresses a significant pain point for consumers seeking longer-lasting gluten-free options, providing them with a convenient and satisfying choice without the need to follow directions of “must keep frozen” or “for best results, please toast”.

The Bright Sky Bake House portfolio of gluten-free breads will debut in approximately 2,600 retail stores, prominently featured in the bakery section of leading grocery retailers. The launch is scheduled for the third quarter of 2023, with initial annual volumes expected of 2.4 million pounds of flour-blend, supplied by Nepra Foods Inc., which will generate approximately $6 million USD in annual revenue.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with The Cloud Boys Bakery on this innovative gluten-free bread product,” said Chadwick White, CEO of Nepra Foods Inc. “Our partnership aims to deliver a superior gluten-free bread experience that surpasses consumer expectations. The extended shelf life of The Bright Sky Bake House portfolio combined with its outstanding taste and texture will set a new standard in the gluten-free bread market.”

The strategic partnership between Nepra Foods Inc. and The Cloud Boys Bakery underscores the commitment of both companies to provide consumers with exceptional gluten-free options. By harnessing the expertise and resources of both organizations, the partnership will introduce a game-changing product that caters to the needs of the growing gluten-free market.

About The Cloud Boys Bakery

The Cloud Boys Bakery is a renowned bakery dedicated to crafting innovative and unrivaled gluten-free bread products that cater to the diverse needs of consumers. With a commitment to quality and “first to market” products, The Cloud Boys Bakery has gained a reputation for delivering delicious gluten-free bread options that rival traditional wheat-based bread. For more information about their brand portfolio, go to: and

About Nepra Foods Inc.

Nepra Foods Inc. is a multi-category market leader in delicious allergen-free and plant-based food ingredients and consumer products. The company’s team of chefs, master bakers, food scientists, and nutrition experts combines technology and innovation to address the nutritional challenges of today and tomorrow.

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