One of America’s Largest Bakery Chains Could Be Headed for Bankruptcy

Bakery chains catering to urbanites have had a particularly rough year. With the morning foot traffic from commuters abruptly declining at the start of the pandemic, and a significant number of Americans transitioning to making breakfast at home, these types of businesses have seen devastating drops in sales. (To find out which restaurants may be leaving your town, check out 9 Restaurant Chains That Closed Hundreds of Locations This Summer.)

For example, Le Pain Quotidien and Maison Kayser, two chains catering to city workers with breakfast and lunch options, were bought out of bankruptcy and saved from a grimmer fate through an acquisition by Aurify Brands, while Pret a Manger was forced to close up shop in two major cities. The latest to join the list of bakeries in trouble is Corner Bakery Cafe, third highest-grossing bakery cafe chain in the US, with 175 locations in more than 20 states.

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