Panettone and Dolce Limoncello: Flamigni’s Tradition Marries the World’s Best-Selling Premium Limoncello

RomePallini Limoncello, the best-selling limoncello sold in duty-free shops around the globe, is offering a novelty to win over those who enjoy the iconic liqueur in all versions. Just in view of Christmas, the 350g and 950g Limoncello Panettone, covered with icing and filled with custard enriched with Pallini Limoncello, and Dolce Limoncello, a cake with an intense citrus flavor also filled with the refined cream, perfect to be enjoyed all year round.

Two one-of-a-kind new entries born from the partnership between two great Italian companies that have in common their search for excellence in their products. Pallini is a historic Roman distillery, known as a leader in the production of Italian liqueurs and the distribution of imported products since 1875, and Flamigni is a prestigious landmark company based in Forlì (Emilia-Romagna region), specializing in the art of confectionery since 1930.

“The collaboration with Flamigni was born to enhance the great versatility of our limoncello, which is the number one premium brand in the world to this day and entered the top 100 brands of alcohol sold in the Duty-Free channel and & Travel Retail”, comments Luca Pallini, Export Brand Manager of Pallini.


“Working with a historic company like Pallini and its iconic limoncello is a challenge that we took up with great enthusiasm, explains Massimo Buli, owner of Pasticceria Flamigni. “Our collaboration came about very naturally: we specialize in creating high-quality confectionery products and we can customize any brand or product. Together with Pallini, we have created two small works of art, which will appeal to international tourists who search for innovation and high quality in “made in Italy” foods.

The two new references represent the union of two realities of excellence in terms of quality, tradition, and know-how. Dolce Limoncello, in the 300g format is presented in an inviting packaging on which appears the fruit the Amalfi Coast is most known for. Its soft and totally natural dough is filled with Limoncello Pallini scented pastry cream and gets hand-decorated with sugar grains. While Panettone al Limoncello, the undisputed star of the Christmas holidays, comes in two elegant 950g and 350g packages. It has a soft and fragrant dough prepared with natural ingredients and enriched with Limoncello essence custard, covered with white chocolate and crunchy lemon pralines.

Also available online on Amazon, Dolce and Panettone are already being sold in duty-free and Gourmet Stores in major international countries, from Australia to the United States, and promise to become the ideal shopping products for those seeking the “Italian way of life” even when thousands miles away from the Belpaese.

Just that taste of Italian “Dolce Vita” that everyone can experience while sipping an iconic liqueur like Limoncello Pallini produced since 1875 according to an ancient family recipe. Indeed, it is made from the infusion of the prized “Limone Costa D’Amalfi IGP” hand-picked on the terraces of Vietri Sul Mare, which has allowed it to win 3 editions of the Quality Award as the best liqueur for the Italian public.

The limoncello in the “Pallini Limoncello Spritz” cocktail and Panettone al Limoncello Pallini in the giant 10-kilogram were the main stars of the event that took place yesterday, November 29th, at Terminal 3 of Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci Airport at the Pallini Terrace of the Lagardère Shop. Luca Cervellione Pallini and Massimo Buli of Flamigni delighted tourists with a live cooking show where the giant panettone was sliced and flavored with limoncello essences to make panettone tastings a sensory and emotional experience. The most elegant way to make people try the novelties and celebrate the partnership between the two companies.

Everyone is crazy about spritz, as long as it is “Pallini Limoncello Spritz”

Pallini Limoncello has a thousand resources and also lends itself as the basis for an innovative version of the classic spritz, refreshing and pleasantly sweet. To be served strictly over ice, the cocktail can accompany sweet creations and aperitivo as well.


– 3 parts Prosecco

– 2 parts Limoncello Pallini

– 1 part Sparkling water

Preparation: add all ingredients to a large wine glass filled with ice, swirl, garnish with lemon or orange slice.


About Pallini Spa

Founded by Nicola Pallini in 1875 in Antrodoco, on the border between Lazio and Abruzzo, Pallini is one of the oldest companies in Rome, where he moved in the 1920s and where the historic facilities are still located today. A leader in Italy with Mistrà and Sciroppi, today Pallini is the only active distillery in the capital and is led by Micaela Pallini, a fifth-generation member of the family. The group exports its products to more than 45 countries, and its Limoncello, the second best-selling in the world, is a leader in the premium segment. In addition to Limoncello, the company offers a wide range of specialties including liqueurs, bitters and spirits imported from around the world and a range of cake syrups for professional and domestic confectionery.


Established in 1930, the historic confectionery company was founded by brothers Armando, Lieto and Aurelio Flamigni in Forlì, where its production facilities are still based today, covering an area of more than 12,000 square meters. This is where all the company’s specialties are created, starting with Panettone in all its variations, all the way to Nougat and refined tea and rustic pastries. The company is known throughout the world for its wide and refined range of creations, from the classics of haute patisserie following the authentic recipe or a revisited one to make the final product more delicious and creative. Flamigni is also an important reference company for the channel where it develops customized confectionery art products both for the hotellerie field and catering industry.