Renewal Mill Debuts 100% Upcycled Total Flour Replacement at IFT FIRST 2023

CHICAGO, IL – Renewal Mill, a leading upcycled ingredients supplier, will be debuting a breakthrough innovation this week – a 100% upcycled, total flour replacement blend – at the annual Institute for Food Technologists (IFT) FIRST conference in Chicago, IL (Booth #S3471CA).

Since winning the IFT NEXT Future Food Disruptor of the Year award in 2018, Renewal Mill has been first-to-market with its unique line of high-fiber, gluten-free flours upcycled from food manufacturing byproducts like okara (soy bean pulp), oat milk pulp, and corn fines. With its newest ingredient innovation, the company has combined its individual upcycled ingredients into a proprietary flour blend that can be used as the sole flour in recipes and formulations. Functionally, the flour, called RenewALL 100% Upcycled Blend, can substitute for all of the all-purpose (AP) flour in a formulation or all of a conventional alternative gluten-free flour blend.

Unlike Renewal Mill’s popular 1-to-1 Gluten-Free Blend, which is made from a blend of upcycled okara flour plus rice flours and starches, RenewALL 100% Blend is 100% upcycled. This is a game changer for R&D professionals and IFT members whose formulations now only have to incorporate 10% of RenewALL 100% Upcycled Blend to achieve Upcycled CertifiedⓉ status from the Upcycled Food Association. This lowers the barrier to entry and makes upcycled product development significantly easier.

From a nutritional perspective, RenewALL 100% Upcycled Blend offers more fiber and protein per serving than whole wheat flour, without the whole wheat taste. It is a neutral tasting, pale tan flour that produces a golden tan crumb in applications like cakes, cookies, muffins, and crackers. “This blend is truly revolutionary,” said Renewal Mill’s R&D chef, Alice Medrich. “RenewALL 100% Upcycled Blend will shorten product development timelines and allow the industry to get more upcycled products into the market faster. It’s the holy grail – both simple to use and delicious.”

Renewal Mill will sell RenewALL 100% Upcycled Blend in 25 LB bulk bags, and samples will be available for IFT FIRST attendees at Booth #S3471CA. R&D professionals not attending the show can request samples of the new flour by contacting Renewal Mill via their website here. Learn more about all of Renewal Mill’s ingredients by contacting the Renewal Mill team directly at to inquire.


Named a “World Changing Idea” by FastCompany, Renewal Mill is the first “climate friendly” upcycled ingredient supplier in the U.S. As a leading upcycled food company, Renewal Mill fights climate change and global food waste by upcycling byproducts from food manufacturing into superfood ingredients and premium, plant-based pantry staples. Starting with the byproducts of plant-based milk, Renewal Mill has crafted a line of premium, high fiber, gluten-free, vegan and plant-based flours, as well as artisan “just add oil and water” baking mixes and ready-to-eat soft baked cookies. All of Renewal Mill’s products are chef-crafted by Alice Medrich, a five-times James Beard Award winning cookbook author. Renewal Mill is women-owned and operated and based in Oakland, California. To learn more about Renewal Mill or purchase its wholesale or consumer products, please visit Together, we can bake a better future.