Rising Demand from Consumers to Push Sales of Bakery Ingredients Market

Innovation in bakery supplies is aimed at enhancing the nutritional profile of products and addressing their calorie density, among other things. Consumer awareness regarding calorie density is increasing, as is the need for healthier food products. On the other hand, there is still significant craving for indulgent products. Overall, customers are looking for healthier alternatives to their favorites delicacies, which is being catered to by market players

  • For instance H.C. Brill, a subsidiary of CSM, launched a product portfolio of healthier cupcakes, dubbed Sensibly Indulgent, without sacrificing taste or enjoyment. A regular Brill slice of frosted cake contains 320 calories and 16 g of fat, whereas, the sample prototype (80 g serving size) has 200 calories and 5 g of fat (2 g saturated fat) (4g saturated fat).

Frozen bakery products and thaw-and-serve bakery products are two essential categories in this space. Frozen bakery products include frozen pizzas (most common), frozen breads, frozen pies, frozen cakes, frozen crepes, and frozen waffles, among others. The growth of baked goods has a favorable impact on the growth curve for baking ingredients, in both, the foodservice and retail sectors.

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