The American Baking Industry Honors and Recognizes Military Veterans

Washington, DC – The American Bakers Association (ABA), the United States’ only bakery-specific national and state trade association, honors the country’s military veterans today and always.

“Today we want to take a moment to honor the military veterans and their families who have made sacrifices for this country,” said Robb MacKie, President and CEO, ABA. “We are proud to employ thousands of veterans in the baking industry who now continue to serve their communities by helping to feed America.” 

According to ABA’s recent Baking Industry Frontline Workforce Landscape Report, in 2019 commercial baking companies employed more than 3,000 veterans across the country. As a leader of the Baking Industry Alliance (BIA), ABA is proud to partner with USO’s Pathfinder® Transition Program. The baking industry is honored to attract and employ transitioning military members and their spouses.  

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