The Most Searched Wedding Cake Trends of 2019 Will Give You All the Dessert Inspo

We’re deep in the throes of wedding season right now, so, hey, let’s take a second to look at some cakes, shall we? Google just released its list of the most searched for wedding cake trends of 2019, after all; now seems like an excellent time to see what’s been on the minds of everyone who’s been planning a wedding this year — or just people who like to stay up on their current wedding trends. Things just change so quickly now, you know?

We’ve been over wedding cake history here at Bustle a few times in recent memory, but in case you need a refresher, it’s worth remembering that wedding cakes as we know them today — big, elaborate, tiered things made of fluffy sponge cake and covered in rich frosting and fondant — are a relatively recent invention. Food has always been a big part of wedding celebrations, of course, and a number of traditions do predate the wedding cake — the English tradition of “bride pie” comes to mind, for example. But white sugar wasn’t widely available until the 16th century— and given that this kind of sugar was (and is) an essential ingredient not just of the cake itself but also for the frosting that gave it its fanciful appearance… well, you can see how what we think of now as wedding cakes might not have been much of a thing before that point. Queen Victoria, meanwhile, is generally credited with starting the tiered wedding cake trend — and several centuries later, here we are.

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