Bakery Cafes Prosper And Post Solid Gains In Weak Economy

December 22, 2009 Technomic, Inc.

A new study by Technomic finds that bakery cafes are well-positioned to leverage new growth opportunities as the economy continues its slow recovery.

The Pure Pantry Introduces Organic Gluten-Free Baking Mix Line With New Recipes

December 22, 2009 The Pure Pantry

The Pure Pantry has introduced four new gluten-free baking mixes for pancakes, general baking and cookies and can be found at select Whole Foods locations.

Layered Cake Breathes Life Back Into Tiny US Island

Maryland’s only inhabited island is also home of the Smith Island Cake, a traditional holiday favorite. One baker is realizing large returns and supporting a crumbling island economy with this 10-layer dessert.

Furthering Fortification In Baked Goods

December 18, 2009 Baking & Snack

Continuing demands from consumers for higher nutrient impact in baked foods presses innovation from ingredient suppliers.

Flowers Foods Contest Finds New Face For Mrs. Freshly’s Brand

December 17, 2009 Flowers Foods

Flowers Foods, bakers of Mrs. Freshley’s snack cake and pastry brand, have selected Laurie Ladd, mother of six and baking enthusiast, as winner of its first “Who is Mrs. Freshley’s” search.