Dickson Expands On-Site Monitoring Technology Consultation Services

December 14, 2009 Amy Munice, ALM Communications

Dickson created this service to help organizations with needs to capture critical data keep up-to-date with rapidly changing options in monitoring technology.

Roth Kase USA Appoints New Management Team

December 14, 2009 Linda Funk, Roth Käse USA

While Emmi USA and Roth Kse USA will continue to operate as separate legal entities for the foreseeable future, the companies will be governed by a combined executive committee.

American Cheese Society Announces Transition To Self-Management

The move is the outgrowth of ACS’s steadily increasing membership, financial stability and a three-year strategic planning process to secure the association’s sound infrastructure.

Hormel Foods Continues Reductions In Product Packaging

December 8, 2009 Hormel Foods

Hormel Foods continues to create packaging reduction projects focused on corporate responsibility strategies.

Study Confirms Benefits Of Pecorino Romano Cheese

According to researchers, Pecorino cheese contains high amounts of a fatty acid known to reduce fat, suppress diabetes, preserve muscle tissue and inhibit tumor growths.