Retail Experts See Increase In Easter Sales This Year

Easter, a Christian holiday that marks new life and the resurrection of Jesus
Christ, is an end to the long winter. And Easter celebrations – both religious
and nonreligious – come with increased spending on candy and other goodies. The warmer weather and special holiday promotions are the perfect mix to get people out of their homes and into stores as spring approaches.

Lakeshore Produce And Seacliff Greenhouses Merge

Two of Ontarios best-known growers, Lakeshore Produce and Seacliff
Greenhouses, have decided to merge. Providing financial backing in exchange for
majority ownership is a private investment group.

Easter Is Big Business

Spring has sprung. With Easter this weekend, florists and
nurseries are seeing a boost in sales, and for some suppliers who may do a majority of their business around this holiday, that is welcome news.

Carlos Mota’s Last-Minute Easter Flower Arrangement

Aspiring flower arrangers, get psyched. Carlos Mota, editor at large for Elle
Decor, has a book called “Flower Cheap and Chic” coming out in May and the
arrangements are easy, smart, and look fantastic. I asked if he could offer a simple and creative flower arrangement for an Easter brunch.

Science44’s Water Polymer Crystal Line Hydrate Fresh Cut Flowers

Science44s Water Polymer Crystal line is odorless, water absorbing polymer
beads (polyacrylamide), used for hydrating plants, fresh cut flowers, air
fresheners, and room decor. These Water Crystals are non-toxic and mildew
resistant, which absorb and release liquids over and over again.