Top Reasons To Buy From Wholesale Florists

Based on a blind, non-biased national survey of independent retail florists, wholesalers represent the best value for the money – and their value comes in many forms satisfaction, reliability, accuracy, responsiveness, expertise and much more.

16th Annual FTD Good Neighbor Day Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August 20, 2010 FTD

FTD is celebrating its 16th annual FTD Good Neighbor Day event on September 1, 2010. This year is extra-special as we are also celebrating our 100th Anniversary of FTD this year.

David Nour Selected To Present Adaptive Innovation At The 2010 Farwest Show

August 20, 2010 The Nour Group, Inc.

David Nour, author of Relationship Economics and CEO of The Nour Group, Inc., has been selected to present at the Oregon Association of Nurseries 2010 Farwest Show Managers Circle, one of the U.S. leading nursery / greenhouse industry trade shows.

California Releases Nursery Industry’s Economic Impact Stats

The latest year’s economic data for the nursery industry have been compiled and released by Dr. Hoy Carman, Professor Emeritus, Agricultural and Resource Economics at University of California-Davis. It reveals that the combined onslaught of drought, recession, the housing slump, and regulatory measures hit the industry hard. Here are key highlights drawn from the report:

Florist Best Marketing Practice – Focus On The Future

Marketing to children is important to the future of the traditional retail floral industry. If florists do not stay in front of young people, children won’t know what a florist does. It’s important to think about how to keep kids knowing the services that florist provide.