Halloween Staging: Tricks For Making Window And In-Store Displays A Treat

Here you’ll find a few simple tips on how to make your store’s Halloween displays spook-tacular this season!

Want To Prompt Purchase And Preference For California Grown Flowers?

The unveiled set includes a strip of five perforated Hint Cards with information about what makes California Grown Flowers so special. Use them to create a fun way for your customers to let that certain someone know they’d like more flowers in their life.

All Souls Day Floral Decorations More Popular Each Year

Demand will rise for Marigolds, which are used extensively in the decorating of altars during this centuries-old commemoration is celebrated throughout the world with flowers, friends and food.

Green Valley Floral Earns VeriFlora Certification

VeriFlora certification, the sustainability benchmark, has led to improved efficiencies and quality for this cut flower provider of 110 varieties of award-winning roses, 120 varieties of award-winning hydroponic gerberas and 30 varieties of Asiatic and Oriental lilies.

Versatile And Long Lasting Lisianthus

With year-round availability and long life, learn more about what makes Lisianthus a customer favorite.