Piggery Pig Farm Offers First Meat-Only Ag Program In NY

The Piggery, run by husband-and-wife team Brad Marshall and Heather Sanford, has
about 130 pigs. They raise them in an open-air barn and allow them to roam
grassy pastures – beginning a process that ends with bacon and pork chops in the
Big Apple.

Pediatrician Group Calls For Choking Hazard Label On Hot Dogs

February 22, 2010 Shelby Lin Erdman, CNN

The largest pediatrician group in the United States is calling for warning
labels on foods that pose the highest risk for choking, and their list includes hot dogs.

Cargill Makes Admission In E.Coli Case

February 22, 2010 David Unze, St. Cloud Times

Food giant Cargill, in documents filed this month in federal court, has
admitted that its ground beef was the cause of the E.coli that left Cold Spring
woman Stephanie Smith with debilitating injuries.

Succession Planning On Target At Lopez Foods

February 22, 2010 Lopez Foods, Inc

Meat manufacturer Lopez Foods, Inc, (LFI) today announced the reorganization
of its corporate board and management team that will direct the Oklahoma
City-based company, and meat provider to Costco, Kroger’s, Sam’s Club, Target,
and Wal-Mart Stores, into the new decade.

‘Breakfast In A Bag’ New Beef Jerky Contains Caffeine

February 22, 2010 Staff Reporter, Fox News

Brian Levin of Denver and his friend invented Perky Jerky after accidentally
spilling Red Bull on some beef jerky. It was tasty, so they decided to take it
one step further.