Continental Fresh Imports Cucumbers From Honduras

Continental Fresh will grow its market share in offshore cucumbers from Honduras.

Fresh King Bolsters Customer Service With CHEP

Fresh King announced plans to expand shipments on CHEP pallets in the near future.

Lifetime Television To Feature Grapple Brand Apples

February 12, 2010 Bob Mast, CMI

Grapple Brand Apples will be featured in a show on Lifetime Television called the Balancing Act.

Beer Limes Provide Unique Presentation

Beer Limes provides an easy way to display limes in the produce, liquor or other departments and can be displayed in refrigerated or non-refrigerated venues.

Vidalia Onion Committee Celebrates 20 Years

February 11, 2010 Wendy Brannen, VOC

The Vidalia Onion Committee (VOC) is celebrating 20 years of state and federal crop protection.