1836 Farms Debuts Organic Milk Products in Environmentally Friendly, Signature Glass Bottles

TERRELL, Texas — 1836 Farms, a family-owned organic creamery serving the entire state of Texas, is pleased to announce the launch of a new plant-based milk alternative product, Oatness, to add to their existing line of traditional organic white milks, chocolate milk, cold brew coffee milk and seasonal flavors such as eggnog, blueberry, banana, strawberry, peach, and orange creamsicle. The popular 1836 Farms products are now available in Albertsons, Central Market, Kroger, HEB, Sprouts, Whole Foods, Thom Thumb, Randalls grocery stores in the Dallas Fort-Worth, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin area grocers. Non milk products such as lemonades, sweetened and unsweetened teas, cold brew coffee and orange juice products are also available.

Recognizing that consumers care about what milk products and non-milk products they buy and serve to their families, 1836 Farms creamery is offering fresh, healthy products bottled in custom Texas designed glass, reusable bottles. The glass milk bottles can be returned to the point of purchase for deposit refund or applied to new purchases. The glass bottles are then returned to the 1836 Farms creamery where they are rinsed, sanitized, and refilled. Bottled the old-fashioned way, all 1836 Farms products are not UHT pasteurized.

“I am excited to introduce Texans to the 1836 Farms line of organic milk products along with our plant-based milk alternative and juices. We take pride in bringing products that are fresh, natural, and healthy to families across Texas. At the same time, we are also dedicated to protecting the environment by using glass, reusable bottles by keeping plastic out of our oceans, said Kevin Danzeisen, Owner of 1836 Farms.

Consumers can be assured that they are purchasing fresh and minimally processed organic milk that comes from certified organic farms in Texas.

To watch our 1836 Farms story, go to: https://www.youtube.com/@1836farmsAbout 1836 Farms

1836 Farms is a local, family-owned and operated organic dairy based in Terrell, Texas. The 1836 Farms creamery provides fresh organic milk, plant-based milk alternative, juices, and teas in custom designed sustainable, reusable glass bottles to Texas families. 1836 Farms embraces the farming and dairy lifestyle by producing milk the old-fashioned way while blending state-of-the-art equipment with today’s technology. For more information on 1836 Farms products visit: www.1836farms.com