6 EPIROS products were distinguished for their taste at the Mediterranean Taste Awards 2023

EPIROS, one of the largest Greek cheese producers and distributors that constantly invests in new, innovative products based on sustainable development standards, was recently awarded for 6 of its products at the Mediterranean Taste Awards 2023.

EPIROS Organic Feta PDO cheese, produced exclusively from Greek, organic, pasteurized goat and sheep milk, and EPIROS Greek Goat cheese, with its soft texture and spicy flavor, were once more granted with the Platinum Award, receiving outstanding comments for their exceptional taste. EPIROS Original Feta PDO cheese, standing out for its traditional, authentic, rich flavorand EPIROS Spread cheese with Feta, creamy in texture and high in proteins & nutritional value,received the Gold Award for their unique organoleptic characteristics. Finally, EPIROS Talagani, a grilling cheesemade from 100% sheep and goat milk and EPIROS Light with only 12% fats, received the Silver Taste Award.

The Mediterranean Taste Awards were launched in 2020 aiming to highlight the benefits of the Mediterranean diet and promote the most innovative and unique in taste products from all over the world. The food and beverage brands participating in the competition are judged by a team of leading food scientists and gastronomy experts through blind tests.

Throughout its 30-year history, EPIRUS SA has managed to gain the trust of consumers in 29 countries, both because of the top quality and taste of its products, as well as the high safety and sustainability standards it applies. It is worth noticing that EPIRUS SA is the first Greek dairy and cheese products company that has been certified with the highest sustainability standard “Zero Waste to Landfill Platinum” from the European Control & Certification Company EUROCERT for its three factories in Arta, Domokos and Elassona.