Alpenrose Lawsuit Dropped, Sale Off

The three siblings who filed a lawsuit to halt the sale of Alpenrose dairy have dropped their suit, and the pending sale is off.

While it’s unclear what this means for the dairy over the long-term, it for now appears likely to soothe fears that a sale of the historic business on the western edge of Portland could end public’s access to ballparks, a bike-racing velodrome, a community theater and community events that have been active on the 52-acre site for decades.

“We filed a lawsuit to prevent a sale that would have ended Alpenrose Dairy as we and the community know and love,” said a statement issued lawyer Joe Mabe of Slinde Nelson on behalf of the siblings who filed the suit, Carl Cadonau, Cary Cadonau, and Tracey McKinnon. “The outpouring of support from the Alpenrose community was overwhelming. We are pleased to report that our collective efforts have resulted in the termination of the pending sale. Accordingly, there is no reason to continue the lawsuit. We are humbled by and deeply grateful for the support of the Alpenrose community.”

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