Australian Company has Made Fresh Milk that Can Last for 60 Days

An Australian food technology firm claims to have developed a process extending fresh milk’s shelf life from two weeks to more than 60 days. It is, the company promised this month, “the biggest breakthrough in the global milk industry since pasteurization in 1864.”

Naturo’s founder and chief executive officer, Jeff Hastings, said this technology kills pathogens in milk without heating it—what he calls “a far more gentle and minimal processing technique,” according to a report from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The company’s website claims the product can be exported to remote markets by ship, a cheaper mode of transportthat would be infeasible with traditionally pasteurized milk.

Since Louis Pasteur’s discovery, the dairy industry has seen its fair share of disruptors offering new products and processes. Their acolytes have promised to end global warming, cut back on food waste, and reach rural consumers, whose access to milk is limited. Could extending milk’s lifespan address some of these issues?

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