Blue Diamond Launches Two Almond Breeze Products, Embraces Plant-Based Innovation

SACRAMENTO, Calif.–Blue Diamond, the world’s leading almond marketer and processor, today announced two new Almond Breeze® products, including an Almondmilk Creamer and Almondmilk Blended with Real Bananas. These new products are the latest example of Blue Diamond’s promise of delivering innovation in the plant-based beverage category.

Innovative New Almond Breeze Products

  • Blue Diamond Almond BreezeTM Almondmilk Creamer is a unique non-dairy creamer with a thick and silky texture. The Almondmilk Creamer can be used in coffee or as a dairy-free substitute to traditional cream in cooking. Almond Breeze TM Almondmilk Creamer comes in two flavors: Vanilla and Unsweetened Original. Each flavor has 10-15 calories per serving.
  • Blue Diamond Almond Breeze® Almondmilk Blended with Real Bananas has about half a banana in every serving and is 80 calories per cup, with zero added sugars. Try it by the glass, over your cereal, or even replace your morning smoothie with it.

“Our new Almondmilk Creamer and Almondmilk Blended with Real Bananas exemplify how we are leading the charge in plant-based beverage innovation. These products are exciting additions to our almondmilk lineup,” said Suzanne Hagener, Director of Brand Marketing, Non-dairy Products for Blue Diamond. “As the first refrigerated almondmilk to enter the market and the current number one almondmilk in the U.S., we are proud that Almond Breeze® continues to be a brand consumers reach for on grocery shelves.”

The Blue Diamond Almond Breeze™ Almondmilk Creamer is a non-dairy creamer option, while the Almondmilk Blended with Real Bananas is a good source of potassium and an excellent source of calcium, Vitamin D, and Vitamin E. These, and other Almond Breeze® products, are great choices for consumers who are lactose intolerant or sensitive to dairy, prefer vegan foods, or simply want a creamy, tasty, calcium-enriched alternative to dairy milk.

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze™ Almondmilk Creamer and Almondmilk Blended with Real Bananas will be available in January 2019 and sold at most major retailers nationwide.

Almond Breeze® as a Leader in the Plant-Based Alterative Industry

By 2024, the global dairy alternatives market is expected to exceed $34 billion, according to ReportBuyer, and almondmilk is one of the fastest growing segments. Blue Diamond’s continued commitment to innovation is showcased in both the Almond Breeze™ Almondmilk Creamer and Almondmilk Blended with Real Bananas, providing consumers with two new plant-based milk alternatives.

All Almond Breeze® Almondmilk is lactose-free, soy-free, and an excellent source of calcium. But it’s more than just a plant-based alternative. Almond Breeze® Almondmilk begins with almonds that are cared for by our grower-owners, many of which are small family farms that span generations. California’s almond trees also act as the first food source for honey bees and help the environment. Almond Breeze’s quality is a legacy consumers can count on every day. With new flavor varieties that add extra dimensions of taste, Almond Breeze® Almondmilk is a staple of choice in any fridge.

About Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond Growers is the world’s leading almond marketer and processor. It led the development of California’s almond industry since it was formed as a nonprofit, grower-owned cooperative over 100 years ago. Today, Blue Diamond has over 3,000 growers across California. Blue Diamond markets and sells a wide range of almond-based snacks, beverages, and ingredients, including Blue Diamond® snack almonds, Nut-Thins® crackers, almond flour, and the number one almondmilk in the U.S., Almond Breeze®. For more information, visit