Bozeman's Darigold Creamery To Lay Off Two-Thirds Of Plant Workers

BOZEMAN, Mont. — As many as two-thirds of the 60 people who work at Darigold creamery in Bozeman will be laid off within the month, as will dozens of drivers who delivered locally produced milk to grocery stores across the region.

Michelle Carter, a spokeswoman for the Seattle-based co-op, says the layoffs come after Darigold decided to send more milk to Salt Lake City for pasteurization. She says the change will mean 1.5 million fewer shipping miles for its store-ready milk.

Carter says she doesn't know the exact number of employees who will be laid off, but she put the figure for the processing plant at between 35 and 40. That does not account for drivers and warehouse workers who are being laid off, a figure that is also unclear.

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