Mining & Milking: 2 Idaho Industries Working Together During a Time of Need

BOISE – Three local mining and exploration companies are working together to help stop the disposal of raw milk and instead support dairy farmers and producers in turning that milk into butter and cheese to give to local food banks.

“This is a great initiative, for two local industries to be pulling together and helping Idahoans. This is the Idaho way and we are happy to be finding a quick solution that benefits not only the communities where our mines are located but all throughout the state,” said Tom Jordan, Project Operations Manager at Integra Resources. “We’ve been delivering groceries to vulnerable people for weeks, so we jumped at the chance to take that giving to the next level with this program.”

Midas Gold Idaho out of Donnelly, Integra Resources out of Owyhee County and Itafos Conda in Soda Springs are joining the Curds + Kindness program, an initiative started by Dairy West to help donate excess dairy products to food banks near the mines.

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