Prairie Farms Earns Tops Spots at World Championship Cheese Contest

EDWARDSVILLE, Ill. – One of the largest cheese, butter, yogurt, and dry dairy ingredient competitions in the world wrapped up in Madison, Wisconsin last week with Prairie Farms earning a pair of Best of Class awards and a near-perfect score. Prairie Farms’ Quincy, Illinois plant took 1st place in the Lowfat Yogurt, Cow’s Milk Category with Whole Milk Peach Yogurt earning an outstanding 99.7 score. Prairie Farms’ Luana, Iowa plant also earned 1st place with Baby Swiss in the Baby Swiss Style Category and a 99.25 score. 

Other cheeses made by Prairie Farms, including Swiss and Cottage Cheese, also performed well. Prairie Farms Swiss Cheese made at Luana earned 2nd place with a 98.55 score in the Rindless Swiss Style Category. Prairie Farms Cottage Cheese made at the Quincy plant earned second place with a 98.85 score in the Cottage Cheese Category. Small Curd Cottage Cheese from Quincy earned 3rd place with a 99.8 score.  

Several Prairie Farms dairy products ranked within the top ten of their respective categories, including Prairie Farms Butter, Lowfat Peach Yogurt, Whole Milk Strawberry Yogurt, 1% Cottage Cheese, Garden Veggie Cottage Cheese, Pineapple Cottage Cheese, Neufchatel, Cream Cheese, and Rochester Cheese Spread. 

“Our dairy farmers and our employees are very proud of these accomplishments,” said Ed Mullins, CEO of Prairie Farms Dairy. “The competition at this contest is always good, so I’m honored to say we stack up well against the best dairy products from around the world.” 

The World Championship Cheese Contest, hosted by The Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association, is the largest technical cheese, butter, yogurt, and dry dairy ingredient competition in the world. The contest’s 55 judges represent dozens of nations and have earned the respect of cheesemakers around the world. These awards follow a year of big wins for Prairie Farms in 2019, including 31 awards and a grand championship at the 2019

World Dairy Expo Championship Dairy Product Contest and four wins at the American Cheese Society’s Conference & Competition. For more information about our farmers, products, and promotions visit

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