Two Bring Back Choc-Ola, An Indianapolis Original

Dan Iaria had a thirst for something retro and nostaligic for his 1950s-style diner, so he looked back to a drink of his youth.

Wouldn't it be nice, Iaria thought, to sell Choc-Ola, the chocolate beverage he loved while growing up in Beech Grove?

Had Iaria known that Choc-Ola was no longer in production, the story might have ended there. But he didn't know.

"I thought it was still being made, to be honest," Iaria said.

So he kept looking for a Choc-Ola distributor. Then on June 23, 2009, he stumbled onto something so rare that it would change his plans and end up reviving an apparently beloved brand with Indianapolis roots.

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