2022 World Championship Cheese Contest: Outstanding Second place for Appenzeller Silver Label made by Hans Näf

The 2022 World Championship Cheese Contest was held in Wisconsin, USA, from the 1st  to the 3rd of March. 53 judges tasted and inspected more than 3’000 cheeses in 141 classes and the Appenzeller® Silver Label cheese (Mild-Würzig in German) made by Appenzeller® cheesemaker Hans Näf of Käserei Niederbüren AG earned an excellent second place with 98.331 points.

Hans is extremely happy with this result which reflects his professionalism, expertise, and experience. He feels very honoured to be the first runner-up in such a prestigious contest.  

There are some more award-winning Appenzeller® cheesemakers whose Appenzeller® cheese also managed to win over the expert jury:

The top three in Class 23 (Appenzeller ®, Aged) were the following two cheesemakers with Appenzeller ® Black Label cheese: 

1st place: Marcel Gabriel, cheese dairy Gabriel, 99.15 points

2nd place: Godi Thönen, cheese dairy Wängi, 98.925 points

The 3rd place was won with Mifromas Appenzeller® Höhlengold/Cave d’Or by: 3rd place: Christian Tschumper, cheese dairy Ifang, 98.9 points

The top three in Class 53 (Appenzeller®) were the following cheesemakers with Appenzeller® Silver Label cheese:

1st place: Hans Näf, cheese dairy Niederbüren AG, 99.75 points

2nd place: Sämi Mani, cheese dairy Wald-Schönengrund, 99.7 points

3rd place: Marcel Gabriel, cheese dairy Gabriel, 99.675 points

In Class 56 [Washed Rind/Smear Ripened Semi-soft (Semi-hard) Cheeses, Young (less than 4 months)] the Appenzeller® cheesemaker Lucas Meier from the cheese dairy Kirchberg won the 3rd place with his Appenzeller® White Label cheese with 99.045 points!

The Appenzeller Cheese Trade Association warmly congratulates the winners and is very proud to have such talented and professional cheesemakers among its ranks. They can rightfully claim to be among the best in the world!