A Giant Cheese Easter Egg has Just Hit UK Shelves

There is an age-old debate over the merits of two delicious foods: chocolate and cheese. Both, naturally, have their redeeming qualities, but whether one is truly ~better~ than the other really comes down to taste, at the end of the day. When holidays roll around, drugstores and supermarkets fill with sweets of every sort. So, those who preference something salty tend to get the shorter end of the stick … until now. Sweet skeptics: rejoice! Just in time for Easter, you can now get an egg made out of English cheddar cheese.

It is almost Easter, which means a lot of egg-shaped items that aren’t actually ovum are about to pop up everywhere. According to Pretty52, The Cheesealicious Easter Egg, available at Sainsbury’s in the U.K., is made 100 percent from cheddar cheese, and ISN’T HOLLOW like some of its chocolate egg counterparts. According to the really cute package, the Cheesealicious Cheesy Easter Egg weighs in at 120 grams, which is roughly a quarter of a pound. So, you get a egg-shaped hunk of tasty cheese. Perfect, right?

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