Austrian Cheese in Europe – a Longstanding History and Outstanding Results Coming to the US

From the high mountains that define the stunning Austrian landscape come some of Europe’s finest cheeses. Austria produces over 400 different types of cheese, including the popular Mountain cheese. The country is known for its traditional family-oriented agriculture on high alpine pastures, the quality and unique taste of its GMO-free cheese, and for its organic farming – number one in the European Union.  

Austria started exporting its cheese 25 years ago – first to Europe, then more recently to the United States. 2020 marked the beginning of Austrian Cheese Europe Home of Cheese promotional campaign in the United States, presented by the European Milk Forum (EMF), coordinating the project together with Agrarmarkt Austria Marketing GesmbH (AMA Marketing). The Europe Home of Cheese campaign, financed with aid by the E.U., intends to inform and educate about European cheeses and aims specifically at helping to reveal the uniqueness of Austrian cheeses.

Learn more about Austrian Cheese and the characteristics of EU products in terms of quality, taste, diversity, and traditions, in the article below.