Crisp Food Technologies Wins 2020 AmeriStar Packaging Award

(St. Louis, Missouri) In a rapidly changing foodservice environment, Crisp Food Technologies® containers won the coveted AmeriStar Packaging Award by providing the only solution to keep fried foods hot and crisp for delivery, takeout, and curbside pickup. As more consumers opt for these off-premise methods versus dine-in, operators face significant challenges. Chief among these is how to offer the food consumers desire most while protecting temperature, texture, and taste during transit and holding times. Crisp Food Technologies’ unique, patented design elements utilize cross-flow convection science to scavenge excess humidity while maintaining high internal food temperatures.

The AmeriStar Package Award, one of the packaging industry’s most prestigious design award programs, is judged by the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP). A roster of 15 judges from various packaging industry segments evaluated this year’s entries, examining innovation, product protection, economics, performance, marketing, and environmental impact. The winner of AmeriStar, Crisp Food Technologies, will represent the USA in the upcoming WorldStar competition.  Anchor Packaging is a 3-time winner of the AmeriStar award and has won in both of its previous appearances in WorldStar events.

This award is the fourth overall for the Crisp Food Technologies line in the past two years. It won Convenience Store News Best New Product in 2019, Convenience Store Products (CSP) Best Product in 2019, and Convenience Store News Best Overall Innovation in 2020.

“In a challenging environment, with the tremendous acceleration in off-premise demand, we are proud to be a key part of the solution for all foodservice operators,” said Jeffrey Wolff, CEO of Anchor Packaging. He continued, “using thermal imaging, our R&D group precisely determined the optimal design elements necessary to remove excess humidity, while maintaining a higher food temperature. This research brings a new level of technology to the field of package design.”

The adoption of Crisp Food Technologies across channels is skyrocketing. Tested by national and independent restaurants, supermarkets, convenience store operators, and its performance validated by Technomic, it is now in use at over 21,000 locations and growing rapidly.

Based in St Louis, MO, Anchor Packaging LLC is one of North America’s largest thermoformers and best-known for its award-winning product designs and custom capabilities. Anchor Packaging’s products include Safe Pinch® Tamper-Evident containers, Crisp Food Technologies®, as well as many other innovative and affordable packages for restaurant takeout and to-go meals in supermarkets. Anchor’s unique stock product line includes over 450 rigid containers, and foodservice cling films.