Anchor Embraces the Circular Economy as a Mandate Appoints New Director-Level as Champion

St. Louis, MO – Anchor Packaging LLC., one of the largest thermoformers in North America and best-known for its award-winning product designs and custom capabilities, is pleased to announce the appointment of Bruce Stein as Director, Circular Economy. Mr. Stein brings over 30 years’ experience in food and medical packaging, a broad spectrum of manufacturing technologies, and product innovation with companies such as Pepperidge Farm and Mitsui Chemicals of America. Most recently, he served as Anchor’s Research and Development Manager, focusing on emerging technologies in the areas of sustainability and carbon footprint reduction.

“In his new role, Bruce will focus exclusively on those activities that continue to drive toward preservation of natural resources, elimination of waste, and regeneration of our product materials at end of life. This has application both in our manufacturing operations and in the types of products we provide to our customers for use with their consumers”, stated Jeffrey Wolff, President and CEO of Anchor Packaging.

Bruce is a graduate of Norwalk State Technical College (AS) and holds a BS degree in Chemical & Mechanical Engineering from State University of New York.  He spent six years in the US Army Reserves specializing in Small Arms Repair and Nuclear, Biological & Chemical Warfare Defense.

“For over a decade, Anchor has been the leader in communicating the Re-Use aspect of its polypropylene containers directly to consumers, as well as the industry”, said Michael Thaler, Executive Vice President of Marketing. “Key consumer messages such as ‘dishwasher safe’ and the Re-Use logo are embossed on most of our polypropylene products.  For our PET products, we include post-consumer recycled material as part of the formulation and we consistently encourage consumer recycling at end of life for all of our products.  In his new role, Bruce Stein will help take Anchor to the next level, in achieving the goals of a true Circular Economy”, stated Thaler.

Anchor Packaging has been committed to protecting food for over 55 years. Its products include Crisp Food Technologies® containers that keep fried foods hot & crispy on display and for 30-minute home delivery, Safe Pinch® Tamper-Evident containers, as well as affordable, upscale packaging for restaurant take-out and to merchandise prepared ready-to-heat meals in supermarkets and convenience stores. Anchor’s unique stock product line includes over 450 rigid packages and cling film products.