DePalo Foods Debuts New Items

Our NEW single-serve Italian savory items are filled with freshly shredded cheeses and sliced meats. We start out with an aged dough that creates a flavorful crispy crust.

From classic Italian flavors to new American food trends, our products offer a wide variety of delicious flavors.

These items are great on the go and merchandise well in grab & go refrigerated deli cases. DePalo Food’s offers high quality meal solutions that are a great fit for pizza and deli departments! Give our sales department a call and ask for Joseph Piraino, at 704.827.0245.

Company Profile:

At DePalo Foods our highest aim is to create the finest quality products with distinctive handmade qualities, rising above the mediocrity of mass-produced products. Based right outside of Charlotte, NC, DePalo has focused on quality and consistency when it comes to Italian style products. Our reputation is based on aging our dough products, pioneering and developing unique products that deliver solutions, baked or unbaked, that appeal to consumers and to help our customers grow their business.

There is nothing better than being greeted by filled baked artisan prroducts. My family and I used to meet every Sunday where we sat around the tale and enjoyed many meals and family stories of the past.

My mother knew that connecting food and family was very important in our household. These family recipes are passed down from generation to generation to create the finest filled treats that were so popular growing up. Simple to warm up and absolutely delicious.