DePalo Foods Debuts New Products: Bagel Dogs & Mini Calzones

Made with our signature bagel dog dough recipe, this scrumptious all beef frank is a great snack or meal on the go.

The bagel dogs and mini calzones are the first (of their kind) to hit the deli grab and go. A staple American snack, bagel dogs are easy to consume, include a ketchup and mustard packet, and have a resealable container to save your snack for later. The mini calzones are the first of their kind as well. These 1-ounce calzones come in 2 flavors, pepperoni or spicy sausage. Packed with a ready to heat dipping sauce, these mini calzones can be enjoyed on the run or at home.

As life has been taken over by COVID 19 the snacking category has increased dramatically. People continue to snack in between meals, and since these customers are working from their homes, they tend to snack more. We’ve seen the increase in snack demands and have created easy to heat and eat items that fulfill hungry adults working from home or children looking for a snack after virtual learning.

Convenience snacking product. Made from scratch dough. High quality ingredients.

Shelf Life: 7 days refrigerated.

The new products are available now $3.99-$4.99