Grillo’s Pickles Launches Convenient Fresh Packs at Walmart and Other Retail Locations Nationwide

BOSTON — Grillo’s Pickles, the clean, fresh pickle company, is today announcing the launch of its Convenient Fresh Packs. Designed for maximum flavor and crispness at an affordable price, these 12oz and 16oz stackable containers provide customers with just enough pickles for two weeks of pickle enjoyment. The new line features all of Grillo’s top-selling items, including Hot Dill Spears, Classic Dill Spears, Dill Chips and the recently launched Sandwich Makers. Available nationwide at retailers such as Walmart, Price Chopper and Sprouts, customers can purchase Grillo’s Fresh Packs for $4.99 – $5.99.

(PRNewsfoto/Grillo’s Pickles)
(PRNewsfoto/Grillo’s Pickles)

Launched out of a wooden street cart back in 2008, Grillo’s Pickles has long been differentiated in the market for its iconic 100-year-old Italian family recipe of just seven natural ingredients – cucumbers, salt, dill, garlic, water, grape leaves, and vinegar – and is dedicated to providing the highest-quality, premium products. By unveiling its Fresh Packs, the brand continues to be at the forefront of fresh food, separating itself from other brands on the shelf and solving many problems pickle lovers experience on a regular basis, including:

  • Refrigerator Space: Let’s face it, round jars are hard on space at home. These Fresh Packs are about 2.5″ high, allowing consumers to keep them in a refrigerator door, a produce drawer — or on just about any shelf.
  • Easy Open and Close: The new packs have an easy-open tab that sits at the front corner. The lid is also made of a softer plastic, meaning it is easier to close.
  • Freshness: The laydown shape of the containers means the pickles are always fully submerged in brine. Hear that America? No more unwanted dried up pickles!
  • Cost: The smaller ounce weight allows Grillo’s to offer its products at a more attractive retail price, which only means there’s more pickle love to go around.

“Our new Fresh Packs prove that Grillo’s is continuing to push the pickle industry and evolve within the space. We view ourselves as trendsetters and we’re dedicated to offering an item with our unmatched flavor, crunchy texture and convenient size, all for the right price,” says Travis Grillo, Founder and CEO of Grillo’s Pickles. “Our Fresh Packs come in a new innovative container that allow the pickles to remain fully submerged in brine unlike your typical round jar. We’re excited to unveil a product at a lower price point that competes directly with major competitors in the market for both shelf stable and refrigerated pickles. This is an opportunity to show consumers what a real pickle tastes like. We’re proud that consumers no longer have to sacrifice quality for affordability.”

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About Grillo’s Pickles
Grillo’s Pickles is the clean, fresh pickle company. Grillo’s Pickles uses a 100-year-old Italian family recipe with seven natural ingredients — cucumbers, salt, dill, garlic, water, grape leaves & vinegar — to create the uncontested freshest, crispest pickle available anywhere. In order to offer a shelf life measured in years, other pickle brands are pumped with chemicals, stabilizers, food additives, preservatives and sugar — ingredients nobody would knowingly choose to put in their bodies. In 2007, Travis Grillo started selling his clean, fresh pickles from a push-cart in Boston Common and created a cult following while saving people from putting dirty, chemical-laced pickles in their mouths. Today, Grillo’s Pickles continue to be made cold, shipped cold, and sold cold. Follow Grillo’s Pickles on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @grillospickles.