Harvest Snaps to Debut New Product, Fresh Packaging and Evolution Of Popper Duos

Fairfield, Calif. – Are you ready to taste a lighter, crunchier, veggie-based alternative to standard snacks? Calbee North America’s Harvest Snaps is launching their new product, Crunchions, at Expo West Booth N5662, where attendees will be able to sample three mouth-watering flavors: Sour Cream & Onion, Tangy Sweet Chili, and Kick’n BBQ.

The innovative snack resembles a small, crunchy onion ring and unlike traditional corn-based recipes, Crunchions promises farm-fresh red lentils as the first ingredient and 4g of plant-based protein per serving. This means consumers get real veggie goodness in every bite, no artificial flavors or colors and a deliciously baked crunch.

In addition to debuting Crunchions, Calbee NA will also showcase the relaunch of fan favorite, Harvest Snaps Popper Duos at Expo West. The already delicious kid-centric snack has been modified to fit consumers’ craving to make mindless munching a more enjoyable and healthier experience. The new featured flavors will include: Yellow & White Cheddar, BBQ Ranch, and Salsa & Cheddar. Made from green peas or red lentils, Popper Duos are always baked, never fried. The brand has revamped their packaging and combined the duo of flavors into a single puff. Two flavors, one bite -Yes Peas!

“Originally when crafting Popper Duos, we thought parents would have the upper hand by getting their kids to eat veggies without them knowing they were eating veggies,” Said Steve Kneepkens, VP of sales and marketing at Calbee North America. “We’ve learned the exact opposite is true. Kids are brilliant and they read the ingredient statements. Instead of mindless munching, they know these snacks are made with real vegetables and love it. They love the crunch and they love the flavors. Even better, kids know their parents will buy them because they’re the kind of snacks you don’t feel bad about eating.”

Crunchions 2.5oz $2.49-$2.69
Popper Duos 2.75oz. $2.49-$2.69
Crunchions 5oz $3.79-3.99
Popper Duos 4.5oz $3.79-3.99


About Calbee North America
Since expanding from Japan in 1970, the Calbee North America team has been passionate about making delicious snacks and using quality ingredients that bring a smile to your day. Their mantra is to “Harvest the Power of Nature,” and this is demonstrated in the company’s popular line of Harvest Snaps. The company’s new Crunchions  align with the brand’s mission to help consumers crunch better by offering a no-sacrifices way to add crispy texture, a burst of flavor and plant protein to snacks.
For more information, visit https://calbeena.com/

For more information on Popper Duos, please visit https://popperduos.com/
For more information on Crunchions, check out https://crunchionscrisps.com/