Influencers Posting Artsy Photos of Charcuterie Blowing Up Among Millennials

On a whim, Maggie Johnson filmed herself in October washing cartons of blackberries and grapes over a marble-lined sink, carefully slicing wedges of cheese and opening packages of cured meats before arranging them ornamentally around a circular wooden board. 

Though she had been privately watching videos on TikTok for months, she decided to share her own video for the very first time, posting it to her page before heading into an early shift at the bakery where she works in Nashville, Tennessee. When she opened the app during her break, she was astounded to find that her post had thousands upon thousands of likes and comments. 

Three months later, she’s amassed more than 175,000 followers to her TikTok page @magsmeals, where she regularly shares charcuterie-related videos.

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