It’s That Chicken Coop Time of Year Again with Gayo Azul Cheese

PARAMUS, N.J. — Gayo Azul®, the famous Caribbean Hispanic cheesemakers with a Dutch influence, announce the Third Annual Gayo Azul Blue Rooster Chicken Coop Giveaway in celebration of the Easter holiday. The prize is a unique take on Easter and egg hunts, as well as a nod to their iconic blue rooster logo— since blue rooster translates to Gayo Azul. The first two Chicken Coop contests garnered hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic entrants, so the contest is once again ‘egged’ by popular demand.

Everyone is invited to enter the 3rd Annual Gayo Azul Blue Rooster Chicken Coop Contest, hosted on their website, at Three grand prize winners will be randomly selected to win a beautiful and high-quality chicken coop from The Chicken Coop Company (, along with a gift card, a few handy kitchen accessories, and a delectable assortment of Gayo Azul cheeses valued at $700. Entries for The Gayo Azul Blue Rooster Chicken Coop Contest will be accepted from April 3rd until April 24th, 2023, at 11:59 pm EST.

There are multiple ways to earn entries for the giveaway, and Gayo Azul encourages customers to complete them all to maximize their chances of winning:

  1. Click on this link to fill out the entry form
  2. Follow Gayo Azul on Facebook (@gayoazulcheese) and Instagram (@gayo_azul_cheese)
  3. Share the giveaway posts from Gayo Azul’s Facebook and Instagram

Once the contest has closed, three grand prize winners will be randomly selected.

“Many of our consumers have been loyal to our brand for years, sometimes even decades,” says Debbie Seife, Marketing Director of FrieslandCampina. “To show our appreciation for that loyalty, the fun Chicken Goop contest celebrates our Blue Rooster, and our consumers love the grand prize as much as we do. The past Gayo Azul Chicken Coop Contests amassed thousands of entries, so we want to open the door again based on the extreme excitement.”

Gayo Azul is known for their fantastic cheeses, which stand apart due to a unique combination of both Dutch and Hispanic cheesemaking. Gayo Azul boasts a rich history, beginning in the 1950s in the Caribbean, where Dutch cheeses were quickly gaining popularity. Gayo Azul began expanding their cheese portfolio, which is now loved not just in the Caribbean, but across the United States as well. By combining a passion for the craft with a strong emphasis on authentic flavor and premium quality, Gayo Azul have found themselves a staple in family kitchens for multiple generations. After decades of growth and innovation, Gayo Azul now offers a versatile assortment of cheeses, sure to satisfy any cheese lover.

All of Gayo Azul’s cheeses are available in convenient sizes, varieties include:

Cotija—a firm and crumbly Mexican aged cow’s milk cheese with a sharp, slightly salty flavor. It is an unbeatable topping when crumbled over enchiladas, tacos or street corn.

Dutch Gouda—mild taste and creamy texture, the wedges are perfect for a cheeseboard and work wonderfully shredded in a casserole or for sauces with wonderful meltability. Also available in slices, it makes for a delicious cheeseburger, grilled cheese, or cold sandwich.

Dutch Edam—a bit firmer than Gouda, and with a rich flavor and smooth, creamy texture. It is excellent cut-up for cheeseboards, shredded for baking dishes, or cubed for salads. It is known for its red wax exterior and the spherical shape of a full Edam ball.

European Swiss—a semi-firm cheese with a sweet nutty taste and telltale round holes, also known as eyes. Available in sliced form, it is perfect for burgers and both cold and grilled sandwiches.

Queso Blanco— a fresh, white cow’s milk cheese with a slightly salty and mild flavor. Its young age creates an irresistibly creamy, yet crumbly texture that holds shape well, making it ideal for grilling. It is also perfect when crumbled to complement any soup, salad, or rice and beans. It is great served as table cheese with fresh fruit, marmalade, or a chutney.

Queso Para Freir—a fresh, white, cow’s milk cheese with a firm texture mild and slightly salty flavor. Known for its high melting point which softens the cheese while leaving an unmelted interior that holds its shape, it is commonly used for frying. It is also great sliced for sandwiches, crumbled over fruit salads, and melted over baked dishes.

Gayo Azul products can be found at local grocers throughout the Northeast and Southeast, including BJ’s Wholesale, Fresco Y Mas, Key Foods, Market Basket, Presidente, Publix, Sedano’s, and Winn Dixie Supermarkets, as well as Walmart Supercenters.

To get more information about Gayo Azul and its products, find where its cheeses are available, and discover new recipe ideas, visit or follow them on Facebook (@gayoazulcheese) and Instagram (@gayo_azul_cheese). For more information about The Gayo Azul Blue Rooster Chicken Coop Contest, go to