FrieslandCampina Debuts 2 New Brand Extensions: Royal Hollandia Entry Pack Cheeses & Gayo Azul Cotija Cheese

Paramus, NJ – FrieslandCampina, the world’s largest Gouda and Dutch cheese producer and one of the largest U.S. importers of Specialty Cheeses, debuts 2 new brand extensions for their Royal Hollandia and Gayo Azul cheese brands: Royal Hollandia Entry Packs and Gayo Azul Cotija Cheese. These new additions joined the complete line of FrieslandCampina cheeses at the IDDBA show, June 5-7, at Booth #4443, including A Dutch Masterpiece; Gayo Azul; Parrano; Royal Hollandia; and Melkbus.

The Royal Hollandia Entry Packs launch an entirely new size of cheese for the deli.  This unique entry point allows consumers to try cheeses in smaller sizes and at smaller price points.  Entry Packs are available in six varieties that are perfectly portioned in 3.5-4 oz exact weight pieces. All product ships in shelf-ready packaging that is easy for retailers to stock and easy for consumers to shop. These are the perfect addition to any cheese case, and all varieties in the case take up just over one foot of space. Royal Hollandia Entry Packs are available in 5 varieties Mild Gouda, Creamy Swiss, Smoke Flavored Gouda, Chili Pepper, Mediterranean Herb, and Parrano Originale is available as the 6th item in the lineup. All Entry Packs have clear descriptors with pairing suggestions and a flavor profile scale, allowing ease of purchase into the specialty cheese category or trial of a new cheese type.

The Royal Hollandia Entry Packs join an extensive line of Royal Hollandia Premium cheese products, including:

  • Royal Hollandia Wheels, Balls, Bulk Products, and Wedges offer a wide variety of products perfect for consumer entertaining, including Gouda, Edam, and Maasdam, which all owe their name to the Dutch cities they originated from. Mild Gouda, which has a mild taste and creamy texture; Aged Gouda which is aged for 7 months for a rich, full flavor with a subtle sweet taste; Mild Maasdam offers a slightly sweet and nutty flavor; Beechwood Smoked cheese is creamy and flavorful;  Mediterranean Herb masterfully merges the flavor notes of black olives, tomatoes, basil, and garlic;  Mild Goat Cheese is made with 100% pure pasteurized goat’s milk for a mild and creamy taste; Chili Pepper a combination of creamy Dutch cheese with diced chili peppers to add a special kick; Mild Edam is known for its recognizable round shape and red wax coating, this cheese has a mild and mellow flavor with a smooth and creamy texture also available in a loaf format. Spiced Leyden is a classic Dutch cheese spiced with cumin seeds to give the creamy cheese a pleasant, slightly spicy taste. All consumer labels have clear descriptors with pairing suggestions and a flavor profile scale, allowing easy navigation in the deli case.
  • Royal Hollandia Snacks are the perfect premium grab-and-go snacking option as consumers look to the deli for premium snacking. Great for lunch boxes, quick and easy snacks, and on-the-go consumption. The pouch is made from fully recyclable paper and can be merchandised standing up or hanging from the peg hole. Available in Mild Gouda, Smoked Flavored Gouda, and Chili Pepper.  
  • Royal Hollandia Slices premium sliced cheeses offer consumers delicious and flavorful options.  They are the perfect pack size for premium slices at 4.93-5.64 oz in 8 packages per case. Offered in a peel and resealable tray with peg holes and is shipped in a Shelf Ready Package for easy merchandising options. Available in five varieties including Mild Gouda, Creamy Swiss, Mediterranean Herb, Chili Pepper and Smoke Flavored Gouda.

The new Gayo Azul Cotija is sure to satisfy fans of cheese and Hispanic dishes alike, adding a sharp, slightly salty flavor and a crumbly texture to a variety of dishes. Cotija is a Mexican-style aged, fresh cow’s milk cheese named after Cotija, Mexico. Cotija cheese is a perfect topping for enhancing any dish, such as street corn, enchiladas, tacos, sandwiches, and more. Gayo Azul Cotija cheese is available exclusively in wedge form. 

Gayo Azul Cotija Cheese is the latest variety in the Gayo Azul premium cheese collection, which includes:

  • Gayo Azul Dutch Gouda – this versatile mild and creamy cheese is excellent on a cheeseboard, in a casserole, as a topping or used in sauces and soups. Also available in slices it is delicious on cold sandwich or melts beautifully in a hot one.  


  • Gayo Azul Queso Blanco – a fresh mild white cheese that holds its shape well, making it ideal for pan grilling.  It also has a nice crumbly texture and is great for topping salads, soups and tacos.  


  • Gayo Azul Dutch Edam – this cheese is a bit firmer than Gouda yet has a rich flavor and smooth creamy texture.  Easy to cut on cheese boards, shred in baking dishes, and cube in salads and vegetable dishes.  


  • Gayo Azul Sliced Swiss – a rindless, European swiss with perfect eyes and a sweet nutty taste that works on both cold and grilled sandwiches  

  “We’re thrilled to be debuting the Royal Hollandia Entry Packs and Gayo Azul Cotija Cheese at the IDDBA show coming up,” says Debbie Seife, Director of Marketing of FrieslandCampina. “The Royal Hollandia Entry Packs open up a brand-new category in the premium cheese market, which is sure to be a hit, and Gayo Azul’s Cotija provides a delicious cheese topping that is sure to turn it into a staple in our fans’ recipes!”

For more information and flavor profiles on each of the Royal Hollandia cheeses, go to; and for more on Gayo Azul, please visit

The complete line of FrieslandCampina premium cheeses includes: Royal Hollandia (; A Dutch Masterpiece (; Gayo Azul (; Parrano (; and Melkbus (

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