Lakeshore Announces Relaunch of Irish Mustards Specifically for the US Market

Mount Vernon, NEW YORK —  Lakeshore announces the relaunch of their unique range of Irish Mustards into the U.S. market. Lakeshore now boasts a cleaner look with updated labels and packaging which gives the range a fresh look, while still preserving the Irish heritage of the brand. The removal of high fructose corn syrup gives the range a cleaner recipe that is GMO Free and Gluten Free.

Lakeshore Fine Foods uses only the finest carefully sourced ingredients for its gluten free range of gourmet mustards which include Lakeshore Strong Irish Mustard, Lakeshore Wholegrain Mustard with Irish Stout and Lakeshore Wholegrain Mustard with Irish Whiskey. The Lakeshore brand has now grown to become the number one producer of Wholegrain mustards in Ireland. It currently exports to more than 10 countries worldwide, including the U.S, UK, France, Australia and UAE.

The Lakeshore mustard range first entered the U.S. market in the early 2000’s when Irish food products were mainly found in ethnic stores and ethnic sets in retailers where expats shopped. Since then, the popularity of Lakeshore mustards has grown outside of the expat community, and this unique mustard can now be found in retailers such as Wegmans, Central Market, Publix, Stop N Shop, Shaw’s & Sendik’s.

Lakeshore’s Strong Irish mustard has been dubbed the ‘Irish Wasabi’, as it gets its intense flavor from mustard powder.  It is also a perfect accompaniment to all meat dishes, especially to Roast Beef and Yorkshire pudding. Our Wholegrain mustard with Irish Stout is perfectly complimented in a unique blend with one of our own former ‘curatives’ Irish stout from a well-known Irish brewery – resulting in a luxurious wholegrain mustard. It adds a subtle flavor to sauces and zest to soups and casseroles. Wholegrain mustard with Irish Whiskey is a mustard that is sure to be a delight to the pallet as it can be used in a variety of ways and perfectly complements pâté’s, cheese, and salamis to name but a few. It is also a great addition to pork dishes and gives extra flavor to savory stuffing.

About Lakeshore

Lakeshore Fine Food company was originally established in 1982 in a small village of Ballinderry Co. Tipperary, famous for being a home of Ireland’s leading producers of artisan food accompaniments, resulting in many of the mustard recipes having their ancestral heritage in some of the great Irish country houses.  Currently exporting to over 10 countries worldwide, Lakeshore has grown to become the number one producer of wholegrain mustards in Ireland. Lakeshore mustards are all gluten free and contain no GMOs.