Traverse Bay Farms Launches Stone Ground Dijon Honey Mustard

Traverse Bay Farms, Michigan’s premier gourmet food brand and winner of 38+ national food awards, is excited to announce the launch of its latest culinary innovation: Stone Ground Dijon Honey Mustard. True to the company’s dedication to superior quality and local sourcing, this new product is crafted in the heart of Traverse City, Michigan.

“We’ve been delivering gourmet foods for our community and the world for since 2001, and our Stone Ground Dijon Honey Mustard is our latest expression of that dedication,” said Andy LaPointe, Director of Marketing of Traverse Bay Farms. “We’ve perfected a blend of robust, tangy, and sweet flavors that will elevate any dish it’s paired with.”

The Stone Ground Dijon Honey Mustard was now available after months of experimenting to reach the perfect balance of flavors. The mustard delivers a texture that enhances the dining experience. This, combined with local, sweet Michigan honey, offers a rich, tangy flavor profile that complements a wide array of foods.

Traverse Bay Farms’ new Stone Ground Dijon Honey Mustard is perfect for foodservice applications including restaurants, delicatessens, casinos, and more. It is a versatile condiment that can be used as a savory dipping sauce, a delightful sandwich spread, or even a marinade for a variety of meats.

“We have always in delivering the highest quality products using as much locally sourced ingredients as possible,” continued LaPointe. “Our Stone Ground Dijon Honey Mustard is not only a testament to this commitment, but it also represents our ongoing dedication to innovation and satisfying the evolving tastes of our consumers.”

The Stone Ground Dijon Honey Mustard is now available for wholesale ordering. Interested establishments can contact Traverse Bay Farms directly for more information about pricing and delivery options.

About Traverse Bay Farms:

Located in Bellaire, Michigan, Traverse Bay Farms is a gourmet food company specializing in award-winning fruit-based products and unique gourmet foods. They are committed to supporting the local community and take pride in offering customers around the world a taste of Michigan’s finest. For more information call 1-231-533-8788 or, visit

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