Local Cheeseboard: Cheesemakers of Upstate New York

Not all good cheese comes from France. New York has a a long history of dairy farming, and where there is milk, there is cheese. Though artisanal cheesemaking dropped off in the Hudson Valley in the 20th century, replaced by commercial operations, the  market hungry for small-batch, craft cheese has returned and along with it, a crop of creameries to meet the demand. These regional small-scale farms and creameries are providing the Hudson Valley with delicious, handmade, artisanal cheeses from local milk. Check out their farm stores, websites, and farmers market to get some of their creamy, nutty, firm, and sweet cheeses––and other delicacies like goat cheese yogurt, grass-fed beef, and goat milk fudge.

Columbia County Cheesemakers

McGrath Cheese Company | Hudson

The McGrath Cheese Company in Hudson makes hand-craft, small batch cheeses using milk from small, local dairy farms, including Brookby Farm. Founder Colin McGrath has created a line of cow and goat cheeses that have been nationally recognized more than a dozen times––including two Good Food Awards and first place in The New York State Fair Dairy Competition. Some of their delicious cheeses include The Rascal—a semi-firm, nutty, and mild cheese made from pasteurized cow’s milk and aged for two to four months—and The Goliath—a farmhouse cheddar made from pasteurized cow’s milk and aged for three to five months. You can get their products at farmers markets, grocery stores, and provisions markets.

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