Cheeses, They’re Just Like Us! The wheels at Crown Finish Caves

November 24, 2021 Eric Lach, The New Yorker

A lot of people think that they want to work in a cheese cave,” Caroline Hesse, the head of sales at Crown Finish Caves, a cheese-aging company in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, said, standing by a door marked “Employees Only.” “Then, when they realize that you’re in a tunnel that’s thirty feet underground for eight hours a day, a lot of them are, like, ‘Oh, maybe not.’ ” Hesse opened the door to let in a visitor.

Relationships Helped Cheesemakers Through Pandemic

During the American Cheese Society’s virtual conference, Thursday, Emily Harbison, technical specialist with Dairy Connection, and Dave Potter, vice president of Dairy Connection, shared their perspective on how COVID-19 impacted the specialty cheese industry. Dairy Connection, Inc. is an ingredient supplier to specialty, farmstead, and small-to-midsize cheese and fermented-milk manufacturers nationwide.

FireFly Farms Partners with Crown Finish Caves on Carpenter’s Wheel

April 15, 2021 FireFly Farms

Carpenter’s Wheel is a good cheese made great through a partnership where each can focus on their strength: FireFly as cheese maker, Crown Finish Caves as affineur.

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A New Creamery in Olde Kensington Pays Homage to Pennsylvania’s Rich Dairy Culture

April 8, 2021 Dayna Evans,

With eight cheeses a year, plus drinkable yogurt, kefir, and whey tonic, the new urban creamery wants to do PA’s rich dairy culture justice.

Local Cheeseboard: Cheesemakers of Upstate New York

April 5, 2021 Diana Testa, Chronogram

Though artisanal cheesemaking dropped off in the Hudson Valley in the 20th century, replaced by commercial operations, the market hungry for small-batch, craft cheese has returned and along with it, a crop of creameries to meet the demand.