Marin French Cheese Co. Showcases World Class Cheeses at 2023 Winter Fancy Food Show

Petaluma, Calif. —  Marin French Cheese Co., the country’s oldest cheese company, will showcase its domestic and international award-winning products Triple Crème BrieGolden Gate® Washed-Rind Triple Crème Cheese, and Petite Truffle Brie at the 2023 Winter Fancy Food Show in Las Vegas Jan. 15-17. The expanded seasonal distribution of Brie en Croute will also be announced.

Visit Booth #730 for samples of Marin French Cheese Co.’s recently celebrated products and its complete line of small-batch, soft-ripened cheeses. Find out why consumers and judges have revered Triple Crème Brie since it became the first American Brie to win gold at the World Cheese Awards in 2005. Explore perennial bestsellers Petite Classic and Petite Reserve, two unique collections of 4 oz. small-format wheels with classic and modern flavors that encourage consumers to experiment.  Golden Gate® Washed-Rind Triple Crème Cheese, introduced in 2021, exemplifies Marin French Cheese Co.’s ability to innovate for evolving palates. Brie en Croute, the classic appetizer of baked brie encased in puff pastry, is a specialty product that complements a variety of menus including brunch and dessert.

“The Marin French Cheese Co. team is thrilled to exhibit in person at the Winter Fancy Food Show in Las Vegas,” says Marketing Communications Manager Kelley Levin. “We’re looking forward to sharing our award-winning cheeses with customers, colleagues and those who are new to the brand. Being the country’s oldest cheese company comes with the responsibility of maintaining the standards and traditions that make us who we are while also innovating to keep pace with modern tastes,” Levin says. “We wouldn’t be where we are without industry support and recognition.”

Don’t Miss These Award Winners and Consumer Favorites

Triple Crème Brie (8 oz. and 16 oz.) shocked the cheese world when it became the first American-made cheese to win a gold medal in the Brie category at the World Cheese Awards in London in 2005 (and again in 2010). It’s the standard-bearer of the Classics Collection that also includes Traditional Brie (8 oz. and 16 oz.); Truffle Brie (16 oz.); and Camembert (8 oz.) Triple Crème Brie is made with milk from local cows and added cream. The result is an incomparable Brie-style cheese that’s smooth and creamy with slightly sweet, milky flavors and a velvety white rind. 


Golden Gate® Washed-Rind Triple Crème Cheese (8 oz.) has captivated cheese aficionados since it was introduced in 2021 as the first in Marin French Cheese Co.’s next generation of premium cheeses with stronger flavors for adventurous cheese lovers. Inspired by the vibrant color of its namesake San Francisco landmark, the gateway to Marin County, Golden Gate is a savory, washed rind triple crème cheese that gets its striking color from Brevibacterium linens cultures. In true artisan fashion, each wheel is hand-washed with brine multiple times to lock in moisture and create the perfect environment for coastal cultures to thrive. The distinctive flavor is earthy with vegetal aromas, rich, savory notes and a fudgy texture. 


Petite Truffle Brie Cheese (4 oz.) is built on the same recipe as Triple Crème Brie with the luxurious inclusion of imported black truffles speckled throughout the paste. Its irresistible earthy aroma and rich flavor are balanced by notes of sweet cream and a velvety texture. As part of the Petite Reserve Collection, Petite Truffle, Petite Suprême and Petite Ash are market leaders, offering consumers three best-in-class handcrafted soft-ripened artisan cheeses in small-format full wheels for easy artisan cheese exploration. The compact size of each elegant wheel makes it a convenient grab-and-go item for a two-person picnic or a cheeseboard sampler of unique flavors. 


NOW AVAILABLE FOR SPRING Brie en Croute (9.4 oz.) is no longer just for the fall and winter holidays. Fans of this specialty have spoken and starting in 2023 consumers will find Brie en Croute in stores this March and April for Easter and other spring celebrations. Creamy Traditional Brie is wrapped in puff pastry dough and par baked. Heated in the oven prior to serving, it has aromas of sweet milk and light flavors of mushroom that when melted create a smooth, rich, gooey center surrounded by the flaky pastry crust. Brie en Croute is an elegant and convenient appetizer or main course that elevates any occasion and inspires people to come together to enjoy moments of authentic pleasure

Find these award-winners and other Marin French Cheese Co. artisan cheeses at grocery stores and cheese counters across the country via the website’s Store Locator or at Northbay Creameries, the online shop for Marin French Cheese Co. and its sister brands, Laura Chenel and St. Benoit Creamery. 

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About Marin French Cheese Co. 

Marin French Cheese Co. is the country’s oldest cheese company, operating at its historic creamery in Marin County since 1865. Marin French Cheese Co. marries traditional French cheesemaking techniques with California terroir and innovative spirit to produce award-winning and original cheeses. Made with high-quality local ingredients, its cheeses reflect one of life’s simplest and most authentic pleasures: experiencing good food. 

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